Lisa’s Casserole Fundraiser

Are you looking for a fun, easy, and yummy way for raise money for your organization?  Keep reading!

It’s EASY to raise money with Lisa’s Casserole Fundraiser!

  • Complete the form
  • Share the news
  • Customer purchase casseroles online!
  • Pick up the casseroles at the date specified
  • Distribute
  • Receive a check for 20% of your total funds raised!

No more lost inventory and selling Lisa’s casseroles is fun!

Non-profit organizations are welcome to participate.  Lisa has helped raise money for church groups, sports teams, schools, community groups, and more.  Fill out the application below to see if you qualify.

The best way to promote your fundraiser is through social media.  Lisa’s fundraiser coordinator will work with you on graphics to share on social media.  Emails, bulletins, and other posts also help.  Anything to spread the word!

Please complete the Lisa’s Casserole Fundraiser request form.

    Lisa’s Casseroles

    • Kickin’ Chicken Spaghetti

    • Tex-Mex Casserole

    • Meat Lovers Pizza

    • Pinky’s Voodoo Pasta

    Voila!  20% of the qualified sales will go to your organization.  Wasn’t that easy?  Funds raised and there are happy customers eating delicious casseroles and looking forward to the next Lisa’s Casserole Fundraiser.